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Seeking help from HR regarding racist behaviour of coworker


I worked in a multicultural office funded by federal funds to administer a govt. program. One of my coworkers constantly said derogatory comments about a specific racial group. This racial group were clients of the program as well as coworkers. She would accuse this group of taking advantage of the program. Many racial groups took advantage of the program in an illegal manner it was not unique to one group. Efforts by coworkers to get her to stop did not work. Arguments would ensue. I wrote an anonymous letter to HR asking them to get her to stop. Given office politics I could not sign my name. I eventually left the place. Following my leaving because of complaints by members of this particular race the establishment investigated and the one consistent theme was this woman was a racist. Eventually 6 people asked to be transferred out of the dept. Because of the racial tensions. Do I need to ask this woman for mechilah because I said loshon hara about her? She is no longer part of the dept. She retired.



Thank you for your question.

Thank you for your question.

Even on the assumption that the racist woman was Jewish, you would not have to ask her mechila. This is because she was approached to stop her behavior, and you were complaining about her so that she should stop hurting others. Therefore, it would be considered l’toeles, and as a form of self protection.

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