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Koraya on Shabbos via tearing Tissues


Ha Rav, Two ?s: 1. a family member was holding a tissue to blow their nose when the tissue got stuck in their glasses, a small piece of the tissue tore off. Did they break Shabbos? 2. Before Shabbos, a family member put a tissue under a jar in the refrigerator. On Shabbos they lifted the jar and it tore the tissue underneath. Maybe one minute later they tried another jar next to the jar they lifted and the same tissue underneath the first jar tore again. Did the person tearing the tissue break Shabbos and was it considered one time or two separate times?



While one should be careful that this shouldn’t happen, in retrospect we will not say that person broke the Shabbos. This is because the action was not done with any intention to rip, ( misasek), the person has no benefit from what happened, ( psik riesha d’lo nicha ley), and it isn’t the normal way of ripping a tissue, (shinui). Therefore because of all of these factors, in retrospect, there is no need to be concerned.
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