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Shabbos – caught in the rain


Ha Rav, 1. I got caught in a heavy rain shower. I rubbed the front thigh part of my pants which were soaked. Did I break Shabbos? 2. Snapping the last button of my coat, I might of squeezed, since the coat was still wet at the bottom, did I break Shabbos?



Thank you for your question.

  1. Under the assumption that your pants got accidentally rubbed on to something, there is no need to be concerned abut this. There is a similar case discussed in the poskim, regarding a person who has wet socks, if it is permitted to walk with them. The poskim say that it is permitted to continue walking with them and there is no need not be concerned that the water inside then will be squeezed. If however you intention was to squeeze the water out of your pants that would be problematic to do on Shabbos.
  2. This is also permitted, for the same reason as your first question.

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 ברבבות אפרים ח”ג ס’ רל”ו , וע’ בשו”ת להורות נתן ח”א ס’ ט”ו שמתיר ג”כ, וע’ ג”כ מאור השבת ח”ב מכתב ל”ב מר’ ש. ז. זצ”ל בנוגע גרביים שנרטבו שמותר להמשיך ללכת , וכן הובא בס’ ארחות שבת פי”ג סע’ ס”ב ממ”ב ס’ תרי”ד ס”ק י”ב,  וממנחת שבת ס’ ס’ ס”ק קל”א קו”א ס”ק ז’. אמנם ע’ ס’ ארחות רבינו ח”א עמ’ קל”ג שהסטייפלר זצ”ל החמיר בזה.


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