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Honoring parent/ avodah zara


Kavod haRav,
Thank you for your help. A parent recently returned from a trip and gifted a baalas teshuva daughter a bracelet with a small avodah zara on it. The parent does not realize it is there. Should the daughter say something or simply not wear it and ignore the issue? (May the daughter touch the item to move it into storage if she may ignore it?)
Am I obligated to inspect the parents jewelry to make sure there are no avodah zara on them, or this is not required? Thank you.



Thank you for your question.

I don’t know who your parents are and how they will take it, if you mention that what they bought is a considered by you to be an idol. If they will be offended by it, then don’t say anything, because it might just cause animosity between you and them. However, if your mother is the type that will take it positively then you can say something, but be extremely careful not to offend her.

Regarding your mother’s jewelry, you are not obligated them for this. Regarding your wearing the bracelet, since it has something that looks like an avoda zara on it, you shouldn’t wear it, and if you can get rid of the avoda zara, that is what you should do. As a side point, it is possible that what is hanging there isn’t meant to be an avoda zara, rather merely a religious related design, and it isn’t meant that it should be worshipped.  Nevertheless, you shouldn’t wear it.

Best wishes



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