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Shabbos – Mechanical Refrigerator


Ha Rav, we have a mechanical refrigerator. If we wait until the compressor starts, we will have to wait around an hour to prepare for Kiddush/meal. What should we do in order not to be mechalel Shabbos?



 I don’t know what you mean by a mechanical refrigerator. There are however a number of issues with refrigerators nowadays. The thermostat may go on when the fridge is off, this is most probably what you mean with your question. Then there is an issue of the no frost mechanism, which turns ON when the fridge is off, therefore opening the fridge when it is off, is also an issue for a no frost fridge. A third issue with refrigerators nowadays is that they have numerous electrodes, which active when the fridge is turned on. This is why the Rabbonim in the states and in Israel say to use a fridge that has these issues taken care of. They have lists of which refrigerators are problematic, and is they have a “Shabbos mode” to alleviate these issues. One general option is to have the fridge run on a Shabbos clock, which will turn it off for the time that you will want to open the door. This way, during that time period, you won’t have any issues.

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