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Bathing at home and then showering when at the mikva


If I want to prepare for the mikva at home, what preparations can be done at home and then what needs to be done when I get to the mikvah? (Please give me details of what needs to be done once I get to the mikvah e.g. do I need to rewash with soap my hair and body, brush teeth again etc etc).

Many many thanks



Thank you for your question.

You can do all of your preparations at home, slowly and making sure to clean your whole body. This should preferably be done close to the time that you will actually go to the mikva, and also preferably by day. Then when you get to the mikva, you should take another shower, and comb your hair, and the main thing is to check yourself for any chatzitza at the mikva before toveling. After you have brushed your teeth at home you should be careful not to eat anything, because that will leave food between your teeth. Additionally, you should be careful not to touch things that will get stuck to your fingers, such as feeding a child and touching the food, after doing the chafifa at home.

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Taz Yora Deah siman 199 seif 6, Chochmas Adom Klal 120 seif 8 and 10, Sidrei Tahara siman 199 seif 3,


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