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Davening Shachris when feeling sick


Hi! I’m feeling dizzy and my throat is aching – and its hard for me to daven this way. Do I need to daven the whole Shachris, (From Hodu till Aleinu) or I can leave out big parts of it? Thanks!



You should have a refuah shleima!

Regarding davening Shacharis, It I hard to give an exact answer, as it depends on how you are feeling. If you can’t manage to daven the whole thing, you can leave out parts of pesukei d’zimra, and just say Boruch sheamar, Ashrei and Yishtabach. The rest of davening should be said. Boruch Hashem you aren’t so sick that it is just not possible for you to do any more than just the bare minimum. As a side point, it is important to remember that although you are dizzy and your throat hurt you, but if you are most probably not doing anything else in any case. It is true that for the twenty five minutes that it will take you to daven you won’t be so comfortable, but it is just an inconvenience, and the reward for davening even if it is hard is worth more than 100 times the davening when it is easy. Additionally use the opportunity to ask Hashem that He should help you feel better!

May Hashem listen to your prayers, even though it is hard for you. And you should have much success in everything you do.



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