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Endorsing sinners


My regional Jewish Federation has chosen to endorse , not just accept the LGBT movement. Please advise me where I can find Torah, Talmud or otherwise commentary that this behavior is correct and should be promoted.



Thank you for your question.

This is terrible, that an organization that calls themselves Jewish should endorse behavior that is clearly forbidden in the Torah! It is written clearly in Leviticus Chapter 20 verse 13, “And a man that will lay with another man as with a woman, they both did an abomination, and both should be put to death”. The Torah is quite clear about this, and this law is not contended by any of the great halachic authorities.

Besides for it being clearly forbidden, even if it wouldn’t be forbidden, but the mere fact that there is an organization to advertise what a person does in the privacy of his bedroom, when he is undressed is not something to be advertised! If those people who are perverted, decide to sin, why should a Jewish organization encourage such abdominal behavior! As Jews we should be sticking up for the Torah’s laws and ideals, not submitting ourselves to those who not only sin but want to advertise the fact! What would we say to a Jewish organization endorsing the local pork eating society? We would say that it isn’t appropriate! The sin of eating pork is much less severe than being a gay, and eating pork is only punishable by lashes, and having a homosexual relationship is punishable by death. In fact, the same death as is given to those who commit idol worship, or desecrate the Shabbos. Or all sins, a Jewish organization should endorse such anti Torah behavior! If you would like to read more about this there is an excellent book written by Rabbi Feldman called “The Eye of the Storm”, and he has written on this topic in very clear terms, and shed much light on this topic.

Even if one has some sort of psychological issue or whatever else, nevertheless it isn’t something to parade about, nor to endorse.

May Hashem have mercy on our generation, and return all the sinner to the proper path.

Best wishes



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