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I’m sorry for bothering the Rov again about this.


My name is Menachem (28) and I was wondering if you can help me with my question, I know I asked this question before but if the Rov can please help.

  1. It started around last Elul Tishrei time when I wanted to buy a computer, thoughts of, ‘if you buy a computer something not so good will happen to you’ ( illness Chas v’shalom) so I Decided not to buy one (I do not think I ever spoke out that I won’t buy a computer but Maybe I did) My first question is, is this a neder/shvua /kabalh blev?
  2. And my second question is, more recently a family member of mine went to the hospital for a procedure and it took a little longer than usual, again thoughts ( I might have spoken it out) of ‘ if he comes out of the procedure fine, then I won’t buy a computer and if I do something Should happen to me ‘ were going through my head ( I’m not sure if ever spoke out this whole “loshon” but maybe I did) Is this a neder/shvuah beis tzarah? could I be mattir it? What should I do?
  3. My third question is, if someone makes a neder/shvuah and says if he is oi’ver his neder or shvuah then he accepts a onesh on himself, is that part of the neder/shvuah? does hatarah work on the “tnai” that he made?




  1. If you didn’t speak it out of your mouth it isn’t a neder and you have no need to worry about it.
  2. To me sounds like you didn’t speak it out, but you are just very nervous, therefore your yetzer hora is making you crazy, with the thought of maybe… I don’t think you haveto be matir anything, but if that will make you happy so be matir it.
  3. If a person makes a tnai on a neder, since the hatoras neder cancels the neder from in onset, so the condition also no longer exists.

Best wishes

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