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In the shul that I daven, there is a second reading of zachor for woman right after mussaf. I wanted to be yotzei with this reading but the baal korei called out “l’hotzi the nashim.” There were many men still in shul (since it was right after mussaf) but I guess the baal korei figured that only the women needed to hear zachor. Since I’m a male, does this mean that I was excluded from this reading or can I assume that he had in mind to be motzi everyone (and just said nashim because he thought that only they needed to hear it). Was I yotzei with this reading?



Thank you for your question.

You do not have to worry about it. When a person reads for the public, he is automatically motzei anyone who hears him, unless he specifically states that he isn’t being motzei someone. Therefore, you can assume that he was motzei everyone- not only the women.

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