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Found money in the shul


I noticed some money between a bookshelf and a wall in the shul. I’ve seen it there for months. I finally took the small sandwich bag of money and saw that there are 14.5 nis in it. I assume that the person who the money belongs to put the money here purposefully, but forgot about it. It’s strange that it’s been here for so long.
Am I allowed to keep it?
Thanks in advance!



Thank you for your question.

Since the money was put there purposefully it really wasn’t an aveida, and essentially it has to be returned. However, since it is a while since the owner put it there, and there is reason to assume that he already forgot about it, and will not come back to get it. What you can do is to put a notice on that shelf that money was found here, with your phone number. Additionally, you should write down that you found 14.5 shekel where and when it was found, make sure to keep this paper, just in case someone will eventually come for it, (or when Moshiach comes), and then you can use the money.

Best wishes


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