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Chafifa questions


1) After a woman showers at the mikva, how careful does one have to be about touching things with her skin or hair that she is not sure are clean? (Phones, walls, items from home etc.) What about walking on the floor with bare feet (which is probably clean, but not perfectly clean) after showering?

2) Would something that is not a chatziza on one part of the body (ear wax or other bodily discharge for example) be chatzitza if on another part of the body? (ear wax on hair for example, touching one part of the body and then touching another).
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Thank you for your question.

  1. After showering at the mikva and you are now basically ready, you don’t have to be nervous about touching normal things that don’t make your fingers sticky. Because even if you do touch them, they are not going to leave anything on your fingers, and even if they do leave a minute amount of something, you don’t care about it and it is not an issue.
  2. Before going to the mikva, as part of your preparations, you should clean out your ears of any wax, and your nose of any mucus. You do not have to dig to get to anything deep inside, because you are not makpid on that. Thus being the case your question isn’t really applicable. In the event that there is wax on another part of the body, it should be removed before immersing in the mikva, because you don’t want it there.

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Rema Y:D 198-43, Chochmas Adom 121-1.


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