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Pesach seder with non-religious person


My parents invited my wife and I for 2nd night Pesach seder. My sister who is not religious will be at the seder and will help my mom with food preparation. She doesn’t know the laws of cooking on Yom Tov and will probably transgress numerous rabbinic decrees. Is it ok for me to eat the food or is it better for me to stay home this year or eat somewhere else?



Thank you for your question.

It is not clear to me what you mean that she will most probably transgress numerous rabbinic decrees you are referring to, because on Yom Tov we are allowed to cook, bake etc. The fire however should be turned on from before Yom Tov. Additionally, since your mother will be there, we can assume that she will be watching her and if there is something that she can’t do she will let her know the correct way to do things. You might want to mention this point in passing to your mother and see what she says about it.

Best wishes


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