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Inherited Chometz


My father a”h had a collection of miniature whiskey bottles that he kept for many years, as well as a few regular bottles left over from Simchas and Yahrtzeit. After he passed away a few years ago without leaving a will, the whiskey remained in the house where my mother still lives. Every Pesach, she sold all the Chometz in her house. It just occurred to me, since my father did not have a will, does that mean that the Chometz really belongs to the sons who are Yoresh the whiskey, in which case we would have to sell it with our Chometz, or can my mother sell it along with any other Chometz in her house?




The whiskey can be included in your mother’s selling of her chametz. The reason is because she is considered an apotropis (power of attorney-caretaker) on the things in the house, even if they are technically the property of the son. Therefore, it can be included in her selling of her chametz.

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