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Bird food over Pesach?


What can I feed my 30 birds that I give bread crumbs everyday during the year?



Thank you for your question.

It is understandable that on Passover we may not feed our animal or pets anything that contains chometz. We are, however, allowed to feed them kitniot.

On the practical. Here is a copy of part of an article from the CRC. (Here is the link )

Finches, parakeets, and cockatiels: Millet and canary
grass seed can be used as the main diet
Canaries: Canary grass seed and rape seed are acceptable.
Parrots: Safflower seeds and sunflower seeds are acceptable.
• Birds enjoy variety. You can provide this for larger birds, such
as parrots, with pure alfalfa pellets. NOTE: Make sure it is pure
alfalfa, since it is common that grains are added to them. Smaller
birds can also eat pure alfalfa pellets. For the latter, crush the
pellets before feeding.
• One may supplement with sliced grapes, berries, or canned
baby fruits. All large food should be shredded before serving.
These items should be given sparingly.
• For minerals, birds can have oyster shells (calcium) or mineral
block, such as Kaytee Tropical Fruit Mineral Block Treat.

Have a happy and kosher Passover.


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  1. I have a cockatiel and would like to know how to feed it during Pesach to keep him Healthy!

    1. While I can’t tell you what will keep your bird healthy, as I am not a vet., however the commnon knowledge is that green beans, kale, fennel, curry leaves, broccoli, celery, asparagus, apples, pears.

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