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Guf naki with Tefillin



  1. Why is hafacha with tefillin in the gemara called not a gif nuki if it’s a bezayon lichoirah it should be called bezayon in the Gemara and not a lashon of gifoi anoi noki?
  2. Also if one passes gas in tefilin is he Makayam a mitzvah in those moments of wearing tefillin along with the aveirah of passing gas or just the aveirah?
  3. What if the gas is because of a sickness and some shitos hold that it’s not bichlal the issur hafacha according to those shitos that it’s not ussor is it a mitzvah of tefillin that the person who is sick is being mekayam
    (I’m not talking about a case that it’s prohibited for him to
    put on tefillin כמו בסעיף לח rather I’m speaking about the shitos that hold that it’s not ussor to pass gas if someone is sick for example he’s constantly gassy דבר יום ביומו
    Is it nechshav the mitzvah of tefillin when he passed gas and wore the tefillin according to those shitos.

Thank you


Thank you for your question.

  1. It is hard to understand your question, because you didn’t provide the source of the gemora you are referring to. If you are referring to the gemora in Shabbos 49a “א”ר ינאי תפילין צריכין גוף נקי כאלישע בעל כנפים מאי היא אביי אמר שלא יפיח בהן”,the gemora is saying that a person has to have a clean body when wearing tefillin. I don’t understand what is the problem with what the gemora says.
  2. The Shulchan Aruch says (O:CH 38-1,2) says that a person who is sick and can’t hold himself back from passing gas, even for the minimal amount of just saying kriyas shema is exempt from putting on tefillin, meaning that he should not be doing the mitzva then. that It isn’t really applicable to know if he is mekayem a mitzva, at the time when he is doing an Aveiro by wearing them at that time.
  3. The Shulchan Aruch paskens that it is assur to daven that way even if he is a choleh, therefore your question is not applicable. A person will not get sechar for doing an aveiro l’halacha even if it is a mitzva according to shitos that we don’t pasken like them and isn’t the halacha. We have to keep the halacha.


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