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Cleaning clothes for Pesach


What are the halachos regarding cleaning clothes for Pesach to ensure there is no chometz?
1) I understand that a coat is typically shaken out and pockets are checked for chometz (coat is not fully washed). Is it okay to eat while wearing the coat if one ate chometz in the coat before pesach?
2) If someone bought new clothing online that may have be tried on by others in their homes before buying, does one need to wash those items before Pesach or would brushing/shaking suffice?




  1. There are scrupulous people who make sure to wash the outer clothing that will come to the table on Pesach, however there is no obligation to do this. Looking over the clothing to make sure that there are no visible crumbs that might fall from the clothing on to your table on Pesach table is sufficient.
  2. You do not have to be concerned about such an unlikely occurrence.

Chag Sameach


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