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Maaser on reimbursement from gemach


We are going through a medical treatment that is costing a significant amount of money. BH there is an organization helping us with the payments. The way it works is first we pay then they send us a check for the amount. We already give maaser on our income, but do we need to give maaser on the checks they send us? Is it considered new money or since it’s reimbursing our payments is it like our old money that we gave maaser on?
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Thank you for your question.

You do not have to take off maser from the money that the insurance company reimburses you for your expenses. This is because they are essentially paying the doctor his bills and giving the money to you to pay the doctor. The fact that you laid out the money doesn’t affect this.

If the insurance company will give you more money that the expenses that you incurred, then that extra money would be subject to maser.

Refuah Shleima and best wishes


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