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Most important parts of the seder


Firstly thank you for your wonderful website
If someone is very elderly or quite ill, what are the minimum requirements of the seder, are there any paragraphs that may be omitted in these circumstances (apart from the obvious ones of the songs after NIRZAH?

Thank you in advance



Thank you for your question.

In general, the person who isn’t well should make kiddush, ask the four questions, say the main part of the answer “avodim hayinu”, and the three paragraphs of “Pesach “, “Matzah”, “Marror”. If he has more strength to say more, he should say some of the other main parts, such as “m’tichila aovdai avoda zara ..” “vhei sheomda”, the Makkos. Hallel after Birkat Hamazon is also important. Other than that he shold say as much as he has the strength to say.

A refuah shleima to everyone.



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