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Appointing another Jew as a Shliach for you to do a melacha that is מותר for yourself


Chag Sameach,
There is a fellow in my yeshiva who normally asks me to do laundry loads for him (don’t ask why) and even pays me for the favor. He wants a towel to be washed since he doesn’t have any other ones available to him now and it would (probably) be a bother on others to lend him one of theirs. I’m sure you might be thinking, “What’s the big deal! Can’t he just simply do it himself!” Say that’s true! But in general, and for knowledge’s sake, 1) may one perform a melacha on Chol Hamoed for someone in his/ her stead when it’s permissible for that person? (You can ask this about a mother who normally does laundry loads for her husband or her sons passed bar mitzvah age; 2) Would one need to appoint that someone else as a shliach to do it?




The towels should not be washed on chol hamoed. See M:B 534-6


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