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Animal at seder


Dear Rabbi, today, when my extended family and I were having a “fake seder”, a seder during the second day of Pesach to accommodate everyone (the day before, my Mom and I had a sort of Seder because we placed the food items in the plate you’re supposed to), a racoon came over to our window, in broad daylight, for a long time and stood on its hind legs. His behavior was unusual. Is this a bad omen, or does Judaism not believe in these things? In context, a forest next to our house was cut down, so maybe the racoon lost its habitat and was so hungry that it broke its usual routine, but I wanted to check.




I am not aware of any bad omen regarding this. Maybe the Raccon wanted to watch how you did the mitzva of honoring you mother by making her feel as if she had a seder…

Best wishes


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