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General rule for ksamim


I have a general question regarding ksamim.
When does a person have to be concerned that a colored splotch is a kesem question? When someone sees some splotch of red, brown, or black color somewhere in the house or on clothing/linen etc, in what case does one have a chiyuv to evaluate whether the color came from his wife?
I have asked specific questions about colors that I have seen around the house. I was told that “if you have a somewhat reasonable explanation of where the color come from, then you don’t have to assume that it is a kesem” This is helpful but still requires me to quickly think about every splotch of color that I see to think if there is a reasonable explanation. Sometimes I can find a reasonable explanation, but in a house with kids and assorted messes B”H, it isn’t always easy to determine the source of the many splotches and spills around.
My question is, are these klalim true? “If you don’t have a strong reason to think that it is from your wife (eg, it is not on her underwear or sheet or bathroom floor), even if it is possible that it came from your wife, then you dont have to even consider that ANY color you find is a kesem”? Or “If you think it is unlikely that it came from your wife, even if you don’t know for sure that it didn’t, then you can assume it is fine”? Or is there another rule that can help answer my questions above?

Thank you.



Thank you for your question.

In general, you do not have to nervous about any splotch or color that you find in your house. We only have to have concern if the place that the blood was found is in a place that it is reasonable that it could have came from the woman’s body. Nowadays that they ae wearing snuggly fitting underwear, any bleeding would show on it, and if the underwear etc. doesn’t have any signs of bleeding on it, then whatever you found obviously is not nida blood, and there is no need for any concern.

Aside from this, if you have children around, that is a reasonable explanation for many types for colors in almost any place. Therefore, the only real places that would be of concern would be on her body, clothing, bedding, or in the bathroom.

I would even say that in general you should not concern yourself with this topic, because your wife will inform you if here is any need for concern and walking around the house being nervous about this will be more detrimental to you and your wife than helpful.

Best wishes



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