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Persuading loan


I thought you may have insight.

Based on a statement from the Lubavitcher Rebbe (that his father in law would always go into debt and was able to pay off debts, for matters of public spiritual support) I have been unsuccessfully trying to secure a loan (allowing Torah study- education, to the benefit of the many).
I am already in debt with debts outstanding (due), and without the credit to secure sufficient funds to complete necessary work that will produce a return, which could make others uncomfortable to complete the remainder of necessary loan.

Based on confidence and trust in the statement mentioned, what could I be missing, spiritually, that has made access to the critical funds so difficult?
(My attitude- yet unsuccessful- is, constantly, greater bitachon, and support of a “mentor”.)




Thank you for your question.

While I am not familiar with the above-mentioned statement, I can suggest that you turn in earnest to the real boss- Hashem, and invest energy in tefilloh. Ask Hashem for the needed loans, and keep asking in every weekday tefilloh. Afterall, He is the one that you need the help from.

If it is Hashem will that you procure the loans, May He help you find them quickly.




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