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Bracha on Matzoh Lasagna


Over Pesach, I had a debate with someone regarding the bracha on ‘Matzah Lasagna’. I always thought it was hamotzi, at least if each piece of matzah used is a kzayis or larger because even if there is a lot of sauce/liquid making it ‘cooked’, the bracha would still be hamotzi. However, my friend claimed that if the matzah would fall apart in your hand if it was held or picked up, then it has no resemblance of bread anymore and it is mezonos.
Can the Rav please tell me the correct halacha?



Thank you for your question.

If the matzoh had pieces (even if there was only one such piece) then the bracha would be hamotzei, even though the pieces were cooked, or baked with sauce. However, if all the pieces were less than the size of a kzayis, then it would be mezonos. The fact that the pieces of matzoh were soft as a result of them being baked with the sauce will not change the bracha if the pieces of matzoh didn’t fall apart of their own. If the pieces crumbled on their own from being baked, then it would change the bracha. The fact that the pieces can not be picked up without falling apart is a halacha regarding, the halachos of bread being a “shalem”, for lechem Mishna etc., but not over here where the issue is if it still has “tzuras hapas”, – a bread like appearance. This would be the same halacha regarding “challah kugel”, if the pieces of challah are larger than a kzayis, even though it is very possible that by picking up one side the other side will separate, the bracha will still be Hamotzei. (Based on a conversation with R’ Stitzberg shlit”a, author of Sharei Habracha)

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O:CH 186-10.


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