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Deodorant on Shabbos


Is there a problem with using roll-on (liquid) deodorant on Shabbos, considering that it will definitely get on clothing and give it a nice smell?

What about putting it on while wearing the clothing? Is it different if the bottle incidentally touches the clothing and therefore directly imparts a scent to the clothing in the process of applying the deodorant?

Thank you!



Thank you for your question.

It depends on how you put it on. If you put it on in a way that it will be a psik reisha that you will put it on the clothing, then make sure to remove that article of clothing before you put it on. However, if you can be careful that it shouldn’t touch any clothing and it isn’t a psik riesha, then it is not an issue.

The fact that the smell of the deodorant on your body will make the clothing smell even though it is not touching it, is not an issue according to many poskim, because you do notintend for the smell to go to the clothing. However, if the person wants the smell to go into the garment, then it would be an issue.

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מ”ב ס’  שכ”א ס”ק כ”ה, “שאם אינו מתכוון לעשות ריח בבגדיו שמותר”. וכן ע’ חוט שני (עם מקדשי שביעי ח”ב פרק י”ב הע’ ל’) – “שאין איסור ואף שממילא יהיה ריח בבגדים”.


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