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Maaser from a business


Is one obligated in Maaser from what the business profits or what an owner takes as distribution?

If it’s what the business profits, then what if the business cash flow can’t afford it (ex: it’s tied up in inventory), does he have to take out a loan to give the Maaser?



Thank you for you question.

We take maaser off profits that are realized, therefore we would only take profits from the distribution that the owner is taking for himself. What is needed in order to keep the business running, is not considered profit, rather it is still part of the person’s investment. however when the business or inventory is eventul sold, then the owner would take a tenth from the realized gains of what the company appreciated. For example if the cmany started out with an investment of 100k and was sold for 1m, then there was a gain of 900k, and one would take maaser off that, when it becomes applicable.

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