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Deodorant and psik reisha


Thank you so very much for responding to my question about applying deodorant on Shabbos.

If I understood correctly what the Rav explained, how would any deodorant application (spray or liquid) to the underarm be permissible on Shabbos? Don’t all modern arm seams reach to the bottom of the arm, so by definition, all shirt sleeves will touch the underarm directly. Therefore doesn’t everyone’s clothing definitely touch the deodorant? (Noone has a sleeve that starts at the elbow so their underarm would touch the side of their body instead of their shirt)

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this!



The poskim say that it is only an issue if you want the smell to go on the clothing but not if this is not your intention, even if it will eventuall get on the clothes.

Best wishes


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