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Singing eishes chayil


Is it not proper to sing eishes chayil on leil shabbos “to” one’s wife because it is also a mashal to torah? What is the proper kavana for the family and the home while the husband is singing eishes chayil?



Thank you for your question.

There is no problem with te the husband singing this song to his Eishes Chayil after she worked so hard on Friday after noon preparing everything for Shabbos!

There are a lot of ideas in the Rishonim, of who the Eishes Chyil is. Rashi in his first explanation and Metzudas Dovid say it is going on a woman. Therefore, there is no problem with the husband thinking the simple meaning of the words. Ralbag says it is going on the physical body which helps the soul and provides it with the things it needs in order to do avodas Hashem. Alshich learns that it is going on the neshoma or the Torah. Shela, Yaavitz (siddur) say that it is referring the shechina, which is termed Eishes Chayil on Friday night. Pri Tzadik ( Balak 7) says that it is going on the Shabbos itself which is called Shabbos Hamalka (The Shabbos Queen).

All the ideas are correct, and each person should think the ideas that are best for him.

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