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Found cigarettes in bochurim dira


Hi I’m a buchir learning in israel in the mir, and this zman we moved in to a new dirah.
As usual there were some things left over in the apartment from last zman, but the only valuable things that were left were 2 cartons of cigarettes. It is now almost a month into the zman and no-one came to pick it up. so my question is are we allowed to take it for ourselves?




Without getting into the issue if you or any other bochur should be smoking, the cigarettes that were left there were put there and forgotten, therefore we can’t automatically say that the owner was meyayesh from them. You should try to get a hold of the guys who were in the dira last zman and ask them for a contact number. 




חו”מ ס’ ר”ס סע’ ג’ ש”ך ס”ק י”א.



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