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Kasha l’shittas Rashi re: לא תחיה כל נשמה


According to Rashi who holds לא תחיה כל נשמה is a supposed to be a fait accompli because we never offer peace to 7 nations, why is there a לאו of חתנות or permission to buy an עבד כנעני from a כנעני mother and different father as he says in parshas behar. Why would a כנעני woman be alive?




See the gemora in Yevamos 78b, that we learn this from a different posuk, that I he child was born from a Cannani woman and his father is from a different nation that we are allowed to buy him and he doesn’t have to be killed.

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  1. Thank you so much for your response. There is likewise a Gemara in Sotah 3b that says this. But the question is, why would a כנעני woman be alive for this to even be possible? Doesn’t לא תחיה כל נשמה make this an impossibility?

    1. The prohibition only applies when Klal Yisroel went to war to fight them. However. if some of them came on their own, and want to be slaves for them, they can accept them. This is what hapeened with the Givonim. See Rashbam Devorim 20-16.

      1. That is a fabulous answer. Thank you so much for the מראה מקום.

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