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Backing out of a commitment


I work for a local business and about 3 mouths ago I asked for revaluation ( do to inflation) and my boss made me commit to stay for at least a year. And this is the email “Please confirm that you commit to remain at ……… at this rate for 1 year barring extenuating circumstances.” And I just got a offer to work in a place that is my specialty something I was doing for over 15 years prior to the place I’m working now. And they are offering 30% more and do to rise of expenses I feel like I have to do it. I’m willing to stay and train the new worker
My question is can I leave before the end of the year
Thank you very much




When you signed the contract, the main point that the employer meant was that you should not take another job instead of this one. “Extenuating circumstances would mean, if chas veshalom there would be a reason that you must move away, a family emergency, or some other unusual reason that you would have to stop working for the company. However, a more lucrative job would not fall into that category.

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