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Calculating travel expenses



My employer compensates me for my travel expenses at a rate of 4.72 NIS per ride (the rav kav rate). I am wondering if this is really fair. Shouldn’t they be paying me 5.9 NIS per ride (which is the real price of a bus fare)?

The government’s website reads as follows:
השתתפות המעסיקים בהוצאות הנסיעה של העובדים היא בגובה מחיר הנסיעה המוזל באוטובוס ציבורי, או בסכום העלות של כרטיס מנוי חודשי מוזל (כרטיס “חופשי חודשי”), המיועד לנסיעה בין מקום המגורים של העובדים לבין מקום העבודה

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What your employer is giving you seems to be exactly what it says on the website, that you are to be given the lower fare, meaning the reduced fare. When a person puts money on a Rav Kav and buys “erech tzavur”, i.e. 100 or 200 shekels worth, they get an automatic reduction of 25%. Meaning that the person then has credit of 125 shekels for the 100 shekel that was purchased. This would mean that instead of paying 5.90, the person is really paying 4.72. Therefore what he giving you is the correct amount.

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