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Follow up: ethical commerce


Embargoes and sanctions and business restrictions etc, are enacted because a particular government such as China commits these violations.
I was also asking if products should be avoided because of virtual slavery where the workers are paid very little for full days of their labor.
Also for political and social reasons, if they stand for the wrong values.
Many boycott the products of the country you live in for various reasons.
In general, by doing business with such a State you are empowering them to continue their tyranny.




It is true that these countries should not be treating their people in an inferior fashion. But let’s bear in mind that there are many countries that do things that outright wrong. Please excuse me for saying this, but in the United States, the government, endorses same sex marriages, gay and lesbian behavior; acts that the Torah says are sever sins? Are we not going to buy products made in the United States in order to protest this? In Russia, and many Arab countries there are many human rights violations, but are we not buying or using their oil for this reason? Are we not buying products from countries that allow or turn a blind eye to human trafficking? All of these countries are doing things that are of the wrong values.

I do not mean to condone these behaviors, but on the other hand, who says that we have to go to fight, and solve all the wrongs in the world. If we are looking to fight against immoral values, I would say that the place to start is by boycotting the movie industry, especially those companies that promoting promiscuous behavior, and encouraging our society to immorality, crime and murder. We have to first start with solving our own issue, before solving the crimes committed on the other side of the world.

But on the positive side of things, we do however pray every day, that God should bring the Messiah, and obliterate all evil, and all the sinners should repent and act morally and correctly.

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