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Hi this question is a bit time sensitive so I would appreciate a quick response lickovad the rav

I have a cousins bar mitzvah tonight and I want to go to my aunts house and from there go to the bar mitzvah but there isa problem neither she or her husband will be home and there is cleaning lady in the house along with a 7 year old child. The house is huge is it ok if I go upstairs lock myself into a room and when I’m ready to leave run quickly out of the house thereby the door will be locked and maybe there’s no yichud the cleaning lady sleeps downstairs and it’s a very big house again if I go upstairs and lock the door will that help with yichud if not what will?



There are a few options.

If you stay by the front window, so that people from the street can see you, then that part of the house is not yichud.

If your aunt or uncle is expected to return home soon, that would also help from yichud.

If it is at a time of the day that the 7 year old child will still be uop, he/she is a shomer.

Best wishes

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