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“Fasten Your seat belt” procedure in the air plane.


Rabbonim of The Din Online:

I have the question. Namely, the following:

I was taking a flight from Dortmund to Tel Aviv. And, of course, I was very glad to fasten the seat belt, when needed / when was the time for the air flight security reasons.

Should the tussles, The Threads, the “LAB Netivot” be under the seat belt, or above it? If the seat belt is above the tussles, would it not be the oppressive towards the Threads of The Legislature?

If seat belts in the air planes are being manufactured from “shatnez” material. The contact of The Tallis Katan with them would be considered desecrating, or not.

It is important to observe the Jewish Law and the flying safety regulations too.
Thank You very much for Your understanding in this airborne question.

Shabbat Shalom,
Ba kavod rav,




  1. It doesn’t make any difference.
  2. The seat belts on a plane are not made of wool, they are made out of polyester and nylon, so there isn’t any issue of shatnez.

Best wishes

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