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lotus spread


What is the bracha on lotus spread – it says its made of lotus cookies – but is a smooth spread like peanut butter, when eaten on its own?



At first glance, the lotus spread is made of 58% cookies, which would be a bout 50% flour, therefore it would appear that the bracha is mezonos. However the poskim say that the bracha on it is shehakol. The reason being that since it has a lot of sugar and sweeteners, and we don’t taste the flour in it at all, therefore the bracha would be shehakol.

As a side point when spreading the lotus spread on crackers etc. since it is made to be a condiment, we don’t consider it’s bracha, and we make a mezonos on the cracker.


Conversation with R’ Stitzberg, author of Sharei Habracha.

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