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May I tell my boss about a damaging co-worker?


Am I allowed to tell my boss about a coworker who is causing most other employees to leave (some left already) as well as I’m also thinking to leave due to this employee’s bad middos like putting down others, while acting extra nice to the boss so the boss thinks she’s amazing. Basically the business is having a loss and will lose tremendously if I leave as I basically run most of the business and can not continue to work at this place because the atmosphere since this employee joined, brings me down emotionally and what was once a great environment is now feeling very toxic. Is it wrong to leave this job and not notify the boss that the cause is this specific employee? He’s not realizing the reason why everyone is leaving. He asked me if everything is ok. I didn’t know if I’m allowed to say anything so I said all is good but really I’m seriously thinking if leaving just because of that new employee who works with us the last 6 months only. I don’t want to hurt the mean coworker but I don’t know if I may allow my boss to be blind to what’s really going on.




You can tell the boss, as this is for the benefit of his business, and he even asked you. However you should not tell him specific stories and blow up the case, just that there are workers who have a hard time getting along with her.

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