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Pareve knife


Hi. Maybe you can help me. I cut and peeled a dakon (like a big radish) with a clean dairy knife two days ago and yesterday I peeled and cut up the rest with a pareve knife. Do I have to consider the pareve knife dairy from now on?




You do not have to kasher the pareve knife and you can continue using it as pareve. This is because of a combination of reasons. First of all the milky knife is most probably not used mostly for hot milky things, that are of a kli rishon status, (hot pizza) or lasanga, but for foods that are from a kli sheini or not hot at all. Secondly the knife can be assumed to be aino ben yomo. Additionally it is questionable if the daikon is considered a sharp food in the first place. Adding all of this together, you don’t have to be concerned about the pareve knife becoming milchig.

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  1. Thank you very much for your prompt and professional answer.

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