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Learning practical halacha


How should one choose a sefer or a posek when it comes to learning practical halacha (going through a range of halachot in order to quickly know them and apply them — instead of building a foundation through Gemara, and then Rishonim, etc.)?
For example Sephardim might follow the rulings of Ben Ish Chai zt”l, however Rav Ovadia Yosef zt”l may have a conflicting ruling. In this case should one choose one of these poskim and strictly follow his rulings?




You are asking a good question, and he answer really depends on who you are. Different people have different minhagim. In general though, it is best for you to speak to your Rov, because it is his rulings that you will generally follow. He is best to guide you, the type of minhagim that you follow and knowing who you are.

Hashem should help you that you should be able to learn and know all the halachos that you need to know.

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