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Jewish music in the bathroom.


I work in a coworking space in which I have my private office and a communial coffee station, kitchen, lounge and bathrooms. Throughout the day the establishment has light music playing in the communial areas, the music that is being played is secular often women singing (no music in my private office). As is understandable, I would much prefer music that isn’t secular, I believe that if I along with some other alligned thinking members would request that they would play some other more religous music such as Yisha Ribo or Gad Elbaz (which isn’t considered heavy chariedi) they would agree. The problem is whatever music plays in the communial coffee area, kitchen, lounge also plays in the bathroom. The aforementioned music has pesukim and teffillos which would get played in the bathroom.
My understanding of the system is that it is automattically the same music.
Is it prefferable for me to request a change in music or is it better leaving it how it is. (To clarify we are not discussing heavy loud music we are discussin light backround music).
Thank you for your time.




In your situaton I would suggest asking them to play either Jewish music wihthout words or classical music. This way you wil solve both issue.

Best wishes


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