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Onaah Question About Auctions


Shabbat Shalom Rabbi,
I have been trying to research if what I am seeking to do for parnassah is permitted or not, but I am still unsure:
There is an online website that auctions off things that people donate (Goodwill) and I bought some used instruments at a low price to resell for a profit more than 16%. I see pictures of the items and I can generally assess the value although occasionally it is wrong due to details unable to be seen in pictures such as a broken part. But even when I’m wrong I can mostly sell it for more than 16%. I put in a bid for it based upon their starting asking bid. Also, I am including the price I paid for it in the details of the item when I sell it.

Is this lechatchila permitted if I want to be stringent about it?

Thank you very much Cvod HaRav



Hello, it seems to be alright. Just one point, if the item is indeed damaged, then you would have to let the customer return the item if he wants.

Best wishes


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