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Induction Cooker


I am going on holiday, renting a student lodge. The cooking facility is an induction hob.
1)- How can I use it; does it need Koshering? Can it be koshered?
2)- If I use a “converter disk” will I be able to use the cooker without koshering?
3)- Can I use it on Shabbat with/without a “converter disk”?
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Buying the converter disk is the best option. Kashering the glass top is controversial, especially if some solid, hot trief food fell on the bottom of the hot pot. Then the glass would need real hagalah, which is controversial if it can be done to glass.

Using a induction burner on Shabbos is problematic since removing the pot from the burner will turn the stove off. This applies to Shabbos and Yom Tov.

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  1. Dear Rabbi, Thank you again for your straightforward answer.
    Just to clarify one point; will it be permitted to use the hob on Shabbos, if I leave the converter on the hob?

    1. Unfortunately not. The idea of the converter is a kashrus issue. Regarding Shabbos taking the pot off the hob will shut off the electricity. I can offer one idea though. If there will only be one pot on the hob, you can set a Shabbos clock to turn the electricity off about fifteen minutes before you want to eat. Once the electricity is already off, you can remove the pot because you will then not be causing anything to happen.

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