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Maaser on reimbursements


Does maaser need to be given for reimbursed expenses?
Some examples, one travels to Florida to visit an elderly relative and they reimburse you for the cost of the flights?
My family comes for Yom Tov and my mother gives me a few hundred dollars towards yom tov expenses?
I am very meticulous with giving Maaser on all earnings and in the past have given Maaser for this type of ‘income’ as well. I recently heard that it is not required and I’m seeking clarification.
Thank you very much.




You do not have to give maaser on these monies. The reason is because the relative is not even giving you a present, (which is controversial), they are paying for what you gave them. Therefore there is no need for you to take maaser off that money. If however they gave you more than your expenses, from that extra cash you would have to take maaser.

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