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Fasting with Disordered Eating Behaviors


I understand that in most cases one may only refrain from fasting if they are or would become ill (extent required varying depending on who one consults.)

Is there an inyan of someone at risk for becoming ill taking precautionary measures?
(Ex: someone with disordered eating behaviors refraining from fasting if they feel fasting may lead to their further developing a disorder?)

(Or someone who knows fasting causes delayed severe headaches the next day, etc)




  1. It is hard for me to answer a question of this type, because it depends on the individual case and what the person’s doctor feels. Not everyone can just decide to take precautionary measures and decide that fasting is going to have a detrimental effect on them.
  2. If the fasting will indeed make him sick, then it won’t matter if it happens on the day of the fast or the next day.

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