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grocery store – took a bag


I was doing a “self checkout” in a store in the USA, where the customer scans the items themselves (or enters the information about the products on a screen) and complete the payment.

When it was time for me to enter information about tomatoes, I put the items on the comuterized scale and selected the type of tomatoes. Then the computer asked what kind of container the tomatoes were in. I mistakenly selected “none” but really they were in a thin produce plastic bag. I do not think that they charge extra for produce bags, but I am not positive about that. Do I have to call the store and ask speak to them about such a minute question?




If you put your tomatoes into a plastic bag that the store provides when selecting your own produce, they don’t usually charge for this, besides they don’t charge for per pound of tomatoes because you took a plastic bag. However, if the tomatoes were per-packaged, then there can be a difference in price for prepackaged tomatoes in a bag or loose ones, and you would have to verify this. One of he general rules regarding stealing, is that we may not steal even a penny, however something that it is clear that the owner doesn’t mind, is permitted to take.

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