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“Al na timna…” – was it the invitation or not?


Rabbonim of the Din Online:

There are various interpretations, why the rage of Almighty flared against Bilam.

Parashat Balak, Ba Midbar 22:16:
…אל נא תמנע מהלך אלי.
Ba Midbar 22:20:
…אם לקרא…
Was it the invitation, or not?
“Im likro” – means: “if You are invited?”
And “al na”, actually, means: “please!” Or “if You don’t mind? / if You’re OK to…”

Was the sorcerer supposed to be invited to go with the delegates from Balak? If so, was he really “invited”, or not?

Shabbat Shalom,
Ba kavod rav,


The reason Hashem’s rage flared against Bilam was because he was commanded specifically (in 22-12) not to go to curse Hashem’s cherished nation, and he didn’t listen.

The word “Al na timna” was said by the messengers of Balak pleading with Bilam not to abstain from coming with them to curse the Jews.

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  1. They were pleading. …Now everything is lucidly understandable.
    Thank You very much for Your answer.
    Shavua Tov,
    Ba kavod rav,
    Pinkhas Frizen

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