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If a man is taking medication for a UTI, and his wife is supposed to go to the Mikva, is it medically permissible?




Medical questions need to be addressed to a doctor, and we can’t answer them. However, from a halachic perspective, she should still go to the mikva on time. even if relations aren’t allowed, gong to the mikva will still permit, other forms of contact, and there will also be no need to keep the harchakos.


שו”ת חתם סופר חלק ג (אבן העזר א) סימן קכט “יפה לה לטבול עצמה בזמנה מטעם אחר כדי שיהי’ להבעל עכ”פ פת בסלו אם ירצו לחזור ממחילתם ויכולי’ להזדקק זע”ז כדי להשמר מיצה”ר”.


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