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Checking Yuchsin


My wife knows a young woman from a traditional family who she’d like to introduce to a Jewish young man. She has told her that her father is a ger tzeddek and her mother is Jewish of Afghani origin. Do we need to check that she is really Jewish before introducing her? If so, how do we go about doing that?



In light of the recent story, of a man that claimed to be Jewish from a foreign country, which turned out that he wasn’t Jewish, or at least very questionably not Jewish, it would only be the correct thing to check into this before recommending her to this boy. You can ask, her, “if someone asks me for references about your families background, who can they talk to?” and she might give you sources. You can also inquire which Bais Din did the father’s geirus. Additionally, you can speak to the girls Rabbi etc., and they might be able to assist you.
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