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Follow up to the siyum online question


Regarding meat at the meal of a siyum, that a person hearing the siyum on the internet or on Zoom is not considered partaking in the siyum and cannot eat meat. Would a bris be any different? Can someone watching a bris on zoom partake of their own fleishig food? How about if the food is brought to them from the bris?




The idea here is that a seudas mitzva may be celebrated even with meat. Therefore a bris and or a siyum will have the same rules. It is important to keep this halacha in its proper perspective. This does not mean that any meat remotely related to a bris or siyum is automatically permitted. A bris does not “kasher” the meat to eat. One cannot bring their freezer of meat to a bris, and then take it home and eat meat for the rest of the nine days! Similarly, we can’t make a siyum on the radio and permit all of Klal Yisroel to eat meat that day. It is only during the actual seudas mitzva, for those who are partaking in it, that we have this idea. Therefore, whatever meat was taken home, should wait to be eaten until Shabbos, or after the nine days.

In general, there halachos are meant to give us a feeling that we are missing something by the destruction of the Bais Hamikdash. If we will try to wiggle out of the halachos we will be missing out in the important feeling of mourning the Bais Hamikdash that we are supposed to have during this period. As already stated in a different post, those who mourn the churban habayis will be zoche to an “early bird” techiyas hameisim, (during the time of moshiach, before the regular techiyas hameisim- Ritva Taanis 30b) even if the person died before the coming of moshiach. The meat then will be a lot tastier.

May Hashem rebuild the Bais Hamikdash b’mheira b’yameinu.


חיי אדם חלק ב-ג (הלכות שבת ומועדים) כלל קלג סעיף טז “וכתב בספר א”ר דבסיום, דוקא אם בזמן אחר היה גם כן עושה סעודה לסיום, וגם לא ימהר בלימודו כדי להשלים בזמן ההוא, רק שנזדמן על פי שיעור קבוע שיש לו לסיים בזמן ההוא… ונראה לי דאשת בעל הסעודה מותרת אף בסיום מסכתא, וכן בניו. ומי ששולחין לו לביתו, אסור לאכול”. והובא דבריו במ”ב ס’ תקנא ס”ק ע”ה.


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