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Properly using an internet filter


Is it permissible to use a filtered or internet-free computer where one can restore the unfiltered internet at will? (Examples: A computer where the internet application is just temporarily removed/hidden, an internet filter that can be turned on and off easily)

If this is not permissible, then is it effective to make the filter impossible to remove unless a fine is paid? (The internet filter called NetFree has an add-on called WiFree. As long as WiFree is installed, it is impossible to use unfiltered internet, and in order to remove WiFree, a fee of 100 NIS must be paid.).



Using an internet filter, which is meant to protect the person from his own yetzer hora, is not very effective if the person is capable of removing it. Then we are leaving the person to fight his yetzer hora on his own, which is similar to leaving the cat to watch over the milk.
Having a filter that would charge money to remove the filter is definitely better, because then the person’s yetzer hora has to be much stronger.
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